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Nexus Specializes in Actuarial Valautions of Retirement Benefits (RB) , Sick Leave (SL), Long Term Disability (LTD) and Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) liabilities for organizations in the Public Sector. We provide actuarial reports that meet the Public Sector Account Board (PSAB) recomendations.


Nexus also performs actuarial costings of changes to retirement benefits, usually for union negotiation purposes. These actuarial costings provide the client with an understanding of the long term costs for the changes to any retirement benefits.


If you are interested in a quote or proposal from Nexus, please contact Adam Neville at

Team of Industrial Engineers


We walkthrough the data required from the organization in order to perform the actuarial valuations.


We do not anticipate using the client's staff other than to obtain the initial data and resolve data errors. A knowledgeable staff person will be asked to review our draft reports in detail to confirm the reasonableness of the summarized data and to confirm our summary of the client’s benefit provisions.


Our methodologies are in full compliance with the standards and requirements of the Canadian Institute of Actuaries (CIA) and the Public Sector Accounting Board (PSAB).

Virtual Conference


We have a virtual meeting or a telephone conference call with the client to ensure they're understanding of the actuarial report.

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